Hello There!
Nice to meet you here.

My name is Vincent, and I have been coding, predominantly, in Swift, for at least a good few years. I am currently a student in Republic Polytechnic, where I learn a wide range of modern languages and technologies. Throughout this journey, I've made a couple of apps and libraries, of which, this website will be the showcase of them.

In 2016, I started reading up about Swift, the new and upcoming language, that it was, back then. I tried to learn it by myself, and slowly, I knew how to code.

In 2018, I started working on open source projects such as UIDeviceComplete, iOS-Open-GPX-Tracker, which improved my coding skills tremendously, through a mix of working, reading and improvising, along with responsibility that comes with each commit. Soon, Avenue GPX Viewer was born, as my first macOS app, in 2019.

sunlight app widgets

In 2020, I am one of the 350 winners of the Apple Swift Student Challenge, and that changed everything. I was given a free 1 year Developer Program account, along with other things, and with that, I launched Sunlight - Rise & Set Times on the Apple App Store, an app that was well loved by many all over the world.

atmoshpere app assets

In 2021, I launched another iOS app, called Atmosphere, built for those in pursue of the fluffy things on the blue skies, that is, clouds. Built during a time where a pandemic continued to ravage the world, it was a good pastime for many at home, to be able to identify cloud types, and store images of it, within the app itself, through their windows.

I love great design, and design is such a philiosophy that I truly focus on, for each app that is handcrafted independently by me. I believe that, users appreciate great features a lot better, when the presentation and design of an app is well thought through.

The sense of accomplishment I get out of each project that I've embarked on, along with the compliments and feedback I get along the way, keeps me going, as I continue to build apps for the future, of the future.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to my website, and have a great day ahead.

bird assets

PS: You might be wondering as you are viewing my website: Why is the icon a bird?
Well, the bird represents strength and will to do something, just like how it's species dives into the water, for it's lunch, and just like how I got through learning programming: repeated practice.