Real-time cloud classification.

Using the power of machine learning, Atmosphere utilises a specially trained Artificial Intelligence model to classify clouds in real time. When you point your phone's camera up the sky, Atmosphere provides live capture and classification at the same time.

From the common Cumulus clouds to Cirrus clouds, Atmosphere also supports detecting of Mammatus subclouds and Fractus species of clouds.

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See the sunrise on your home screen.

Featuring modernistic widgets and interfaces depicting the sun and moon movements of an entire day, Sunlight tells you about the timings of today's sunrise, sunset, moon phases and more.

Sunlight supports multiple regions, and runs offline for all time calculations.

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View GPX files, quick and easy.

Need to view GPX files, without all the bells and whistles? Avenue is the perfect app for you.

All about being simple and easy to use, yet lightweight, Avenue packs the essentials into an app, so that you can view GPS traces quickly on your Mac, either in app, or directly in Finder or Spotlight Search through its Quick Look extension.

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