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The swiftPod.

The iPod, that isn't.

4 June 2021

Environment Development Log

A weather app for Singapore. Designed to be comfortable to use.

1 June 2021

Atmosphere Development Log

Bored? Try identifying a cloud!

11 March 2021

App Concept: How can we help our visually impaired friends?

Pedestrian paths can be dangerous for anyone – more so, for the visually impaired. Here’s our idea of changing that.

13 February 2021

App Concept: Design-focused all-rounder transport app companion

Bus/transport apps have been a must have for us, public transport commuters in Singapore. What if, one takes the idea, and makes it... more aesthetically pleasing?

24 November 2020

What's Next for Sunlight?

Sunlight has been out for over a month, and there has been 2 incremental updates. What's next?

15 November 2020