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Atmosphere does not track your personal data. All processing of camera footage is done instantly on device using a local AI model.
Processed frames are discarded immediately.
On image capture, image files are stored locally on your device.

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Sunlight - Rise & Set Times

Location data is optional. Users may choose to grant location data use, where it will only be used in the app, for the on-device calculations of relative time of day (including, but not limited to: sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset times) in that particular region.
Location data will not be used for any other purposes.
Finding of location for manual location adding for use of computation of times, relies on Apple APIs, hence search queries are sent to Apple's servers for the retrievals of location.
Sunlight does not track your location, your personal data, or usage data, in the widget and in the app.

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Avenue GPX Tracker

Avenue GPX Viewer does not track your personal data, including your usage of the app. Data processing, such as the loading of your file, is done on device, and internet connection is solely used to load or cache map data.